Monday, November 30, 2009

Ilga and Arnis in Zirgzandales

PHOTODONATION: Ilmars Znotinsh

On those occasions, when our children go to Riga to see the doctor or to have some treatment, we usually try to plan their day the way that children have not only unpleasant memories about injections or the doctors’ consulting room. That’s why we have found little pleasures for them.

We have already told about Ilga in our story on, who together with her brother arrived from a faraway Daugavpils Region (Viski Municipality) to have their routine injections which help to relax muscles thus let little legs move easier. Ilga and her little brother have difficulties with moving, because one Arnis’s leg is shorter than the other one, whereas Ilga was born prematurely and at the moment she can move with difficulties.

We took a chance to meet Ilga and gave her a new school bag, where much useful school stuff was in. As Ilga likes horses very much, we were pleased to enjoy Sandra Zaiceva hospitality at Zirgzandales for the second time and went for a horse ride there.

It was a very nice day, autumn sun gave its warmth and we were spending lovely afternoon with horses for companionship. Ilga’s mum brought us home -made bread, which was eaten up eagerly at Zirgzandales. We treated horses with delicious bread as well as apples and our riding tour started. Ilga smiled broadly sitting on the horse like a duchess. Little Arnis was scared a bit more, but he enjoyed sitting on Aibe’s back, too. When the children had ridden enough, hostess showed us the other horses as well. We met a horse with lake blue eyes and another magnificent one, which was told to be one of the biggest horses in Latvia. It was a really nice, stately and a really big one. Having hugged the horses friendly and said our farewells, we decided with Ilga and Arnis that we would meet again during their next visit at their doctors’ in Riga, to share unforgettable moments having amusements and other leisure activities.

You can also take part in organizing their pastime by donating some money for their visits to the Puppet Theatre of Latvia or Riga Circus. Or you can invent some funny activity yourselves, that could be of both children’s interest.

Let’s help them!


Many thanks to "Zirgzandeles" and personally Sandra Zaiceva!!

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