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PHOTODONATION: Santa Spilberga

Arturs is 18 years old and he is forced to spend his life in bed. Exactly one year ago in a party due to negligence or maybe because of some encouragement Arturs fell out of a window, from the fourth floor. Three days the boy had to spend in Bauska hospital, and no x-ray or proper examination of the patient was done there. Thus his condition suddenly became worse, and on the way to Riga he needed artificial respiration and his heart stopped beating. An emergency operation had to be done in P. Stradina Hospital and it lasted for 8 hours. The mother of Arturs is enormously grateful for the unconditional care and the professional help of the doctor Lebedkovs . She believes this doctor has golden hands. For two months Arturs was in a very bad condition and he spent this time in reanimation. His heart was not beating 6-7 times per week. The boy has gone through about 6 clinical deaths. Nobody, nor doctors, nor relatives believed that this patient will survive. But he did! His mother is saying that he has nine lives. After numerous operations Arturs began to recover. But, as later turned out, he had an internal gangrene.

Although Arturs can move only with a help of a wheelchair (in which he cannot even sit properly without being hold by a belt), he can move his arms, can eat and hold a book or a game. Moreover, while sleeping he gets bedsores thus he needs constant care and turning. Thanks to caring people and employees of the centre Abele he has a special bed. The mother with tears in her eyes is saying that many people have already helped, and she is grateful for this help.

The mother has a job but it is in Riga. Thus it is not possible for her to be at home every day because the travel costs money. Sometimes she lives the entire week in Riga and sends food and packages home. Meanwhile the father of Arturs is looking after the boy. He has no job, and it would also not be possible for him to have one because of Arturs who needs to be turned, taken care of and helped to do the mundane things.

My heart is seizing when I see the picture of Arturs on the first-degree invalid license because a different guy is looking at me – stately, good-looking, smiling and joyful.

The tears are still running down the cheeks of the mother when she's speaking of her son. It's sure we could blame Arturs for his misery but who haven't been doing any stupid things while being young? This time however the blame might be put on omission, negligence and incompetence of professional specialists but let it remain on their conscience.

Currently Arturs has to drink medicine, has to be strong and has to seek every effort. We believe he can do it!

We can help him to facilitate his life by providing such things as:

Tena disposable sheets
Tena pants (“pampers”) – size M
Tena soup – Wash and clean
Foam for hands and body
Catheters – size 2
o Mydocalm 150mg
o Baclosal 25mg
o vitamin C
o Multivitamins / complex vitamins
White yoghurts (Bio lakto, Zilonītis)
DVD movies – adventure, Arturs especially wants to see the new movie of Harry Potter.

Repeated rehabilitation in Vaivari rehabilitation centre is very needed as well!

Let us help!

Many, many thanks to the angels of Arturs:
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (30.11.09.)
Venesa Freivalde - LVL 20,- (14.12.09.)
Kristīne Zavele - LVL 10,- (16.12.09.)
Unknown donator - LVL 20,- (28.12.09.)
Kaspars Seleckis - LVL 100,- (28.12.09.)
Unknown donator - LVL 10,- (07.01.10.)
Artūrs Kubarevs - LVL 10,- (02.02.10.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 20,48 (18.02.11.)

Arvīds Dravnieks - LVL 36,- (17.03.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (03.05.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (26.05.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (08.06.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (11.07.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (29.09.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (02.11.11.)
Vineta Ločmele - LVL 15,- (02.12.11.)
Irina Ivaņčenko - LVL 30,- (21.03.13.)

30.08.10.Artūrs has taken part in our organized camp “Varavīksnes” (Rainbows) in the summer. As much as it is possible, he is taking part also in other youth events.

Every month for Artūrs are paid the medicaments, diapers, bed sheets and wet napkins. At the moment we are actively looking for the best alternative for this exercise equipment.

Artūrs himself is full of determination and believes that he will walk himself one day.

February 2011
We visited Artūrs with the photographer Valdis, we brought with us different necessary things- huge thanks to Vineta about the diapers! Artūrs is sending many thanks to all the contributors and other good people thanks to whom he has managed to progress this far- he can move with the help of the wheel-chair and can serve himself.

June, 2011
Finally, finally Artūrs will get the exercise equipment, it is his long wished dream. We think that Artūrs’ dream- to walk is practicable! Knowing his persistence and assiduity- everything is possible! Many thanks to the society Charity.lv for this gift for Artūrs!!!
Many thanks to Vineta for monthly donations- for the expenses of hygiene goods and medicine needed for Artūrs!

Autumn, 2011
Artūrs at the moment is studying in the professional secondary school in Jūrmala where the young people with physical incapacity are studying. Artūrs regularly gets hyena goods, also medicaments.
16.95 LVL are spent on 14.10.- thanks to Ilmas aptieka for the special prices!

Artūrs for the 1st time in his life with his friend attended a hockey game! Thanks to the hockey club Dinamo and Arēna Rīga for this possibility! Thanks to Indra and Jānis for the help to take Artūrs to the game and back and to deliver the hyena goods. Thanks to Jana for hyena goods which are so needed for Artūrs!

April, 2012
We have purchased medicaments and hyena goods for the total amount of 45,51 LVL. Unfortunately Artūrs has stopped his education. He is attending psychology classes and attends our events when it is possible.

March, 2013
Artūrs has started again his education, at the moment he is learning for 3 months computer skills, after that he is planning to go to Vaivari rehabilitation center to improve his health.

Artūrs is positively minded and full of determination to continue the self development and not to let in depression anymore which is because of the biggest problem in the family- alcohol. Thanks to Jana- about the moral support and help in solving different social matters.

On 23rd of March Artūrs will attend the open meeting and presentation “Everything is possible” with the life coach Jake Goertzen. But on 24th of March he will attend the season closure event of hockey club Dinamo. Thanks to Jurijs for taking Artūrs there and back!

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