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Anna Verze foster family

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Alise’s story about Anna Verze foster family
Alise is a dedicated supporter, a volunteer who helps us with organising different activities; she writes proposals for the projects, maintains correspondence, collects and delivers donated items and takes part in generating innovative ideas. Alise is just a fabulous girl as is taking care of many foster families in Latgale herself.

Here you can find Alise’s story about one of her families.

Anna lives in Preili region on the farm and takes care of four lively children. She had the custody of six children until September, then the parents of two children regained the custody rights and children returned in the family. Anna’s children come from several orphanages in Latgale and live with her for a longer or shorter period of time. In the beginning she took a child, yet there was an idea to take another one to relieve the loneliness for that child. It ended with her house full of children :) Anna tells about every child with loving care and sincerely; she knows when they are good, but also when they are naughty, as children normally behave and they are no exception.

Andrejs will be 5 in December and he is fostered at Daugavpils orphanage together with his little three years old brother, named Kirils. In the beginning he didn’t speak Latvian at all and attended the kindergarden where joined Russian speaking group. Now he goes to Latvian speaking group and can speak both Latvian and Russian. Anna tells about Andrejs attentively: “A little bit rowdy, but lovely, too” He also helps with household chores – likes bringing some firewood and tidying the house.” In the beginning he was quite an aggressive guy who tried to solve everything entirely by fighting. Now it’s changed; he knows that the best way to communicate is using the words and in additions it brings the warmth of the welcome and he is praised as well.

Together with Deniss (5) they play puzzle games which sometimes cause quarrels about whose turn to put cards it is now, although, that way it can happen in all families. Deniss is from an orphanage in Naujiena and has lived at Anna’s for a year. The boy is a dynamic personality and industrious; he likes riding a bike, plays with wooden bricks and puzzle games, as mentioned. He helps Anna with doing the dishes. “He is a nice boy”, says Anna and Deniss comes closer to give her a kiss. The last child she introduced us with was sweetheart Aleksandra (6) who has lived with Anna since she was 2. When she arrived, the girl was a very weak, sickly and too tiny child knowing her age. Anna’s tenacity and dedication facilitated the girl’s development so this year she is able to start attending the school. “It would be all right if only she could keep attention and this is the reason for poor results at school. The girl reacts like seaweed – this time she runs over there, that time she must tell something over here, then she gives a laugh and at the very moment she forgets the letter to follow next”, Anna admitted with a bit of sorrow.

To answer the question “Why has she committed herself to look after those children?” Anna revealed, “I have 3 grown -up daughters. My husband died and I am already 54. Whom can I pass my tenderness to? When my daughters grew, I had been working day and night and didn’t let my loving care reach them. Now I can dedicate it to those children as they have suffered enough during their lives…..”

This year the eldest boys will join pre-school preparation group at the kindergarden, but Aleksandra will go to Form 1. Collected items during the charity event “School Bag” were of great help for that family; they were looked at closely and tried in use with overwhelming joy.

Thanks each and everyone, who has helped to bring joy in their little hearts.

Anonymos - LVL 22,45 (23.11.10.)
Kaspars Seleckis - LVL 100,- (27.12.10.)
Anonymos - 35,- EUR (LVL 24,40) - (24.01.11.) - for Nikolaj

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