Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amigo family from Misa


Organization Palīdzēsim.lv takes care of several deprived families in Latvia but the boatload of the job is done by two enthusiastic ladies – Ilze Skuja and Renāte Robežniece.

We at Amigo thought we would gladly support some of these families too and so… Once during our meeting Ilze and Renāte told us about a family from Misa where mom Larisa has to take care and school four kids. Unfortunately, this enthusiastic woman has lost her job, which has made her look for help so we at Amigo decided to take care of this family by helping them and getting them the help they need.

A week ago (07-oct-2009) we – I and Egils from Amigo as well as Renāte from Palīdzēsim.lv – visited Larisa Toleika in Misa where she raises her four kids: Sintija (16), Elvis (15), Kristaps (9) and Raivis (7). They share their home with their grey tomcat Pipars (Pepper) who is children’s beloved pet and the real landlord of their home. The friendly family lives in a small and modest apartment in Misa centre, although you can catch Sintija at home only on weekends now for she is a student of Riga Design and Art School’s Environmental design department. The eldest of the brothers, Elvis, too can be met at home only on weekends for he is a 7th grader at Iecava Boarding school.

The youngest boys, Kristaps and Raivis, study at a local school in Misa. Besides Kristaps is especially talented - he studies at both Vecumnieki Art school and Music school as well where he learns to play trumpet. Although it must be said that all of Larisa's kids seem to have a thing for drawing for all of them were seen with drawing pad and pencil in hand during our visit.

Mom Larisa currently is unemployed. She used to work at a local production enterprise but part of the staff was fired due to saving of means. In order to ensure at least some income for the family Larisa has a so called “job for a hundred” - it’s a state program for unemployed who can work for a local government and receive 100 Ls a month. At least this modest income gives her a possibility to provide her kids with the most necessary things (food, schooling) but that's about it.

They used their savings for new window glazing but that’s where the dream of repairs has stopped although when you see the apartment it's clear that repairs are very necessary. Furthermore, furniture, crockery and appliances are in serious need of an update.

One can learn from Larisa. Even in the situation she finds herself in now, she never complains. Instead the whole family participates in different activities – with the help of association “Saulgrieze” they have been on several excursions and to special events. Things that don’t fit or are not necessary they forward to other deprived families.

Little Raivis has inherited some of his mom's qualities - having found out that the family is going to participate in the gala event of the Good deed's week at children's home “Rīga”, he had declared: "let's look for a little sister at the children's home! She can sleep in my bed, and I will give her my toys too.”

To make little Raivis as well as Kristaps, Elvis, Sintija and Larisa happy Amigo will make one of the family’s dreams come true this Saturday (24.10.09.) – they will go to Riga to see a movie in 3D. And in addition they will receive the first gifts prepared by our colleagues at Amigo.

However, you can help this family too:

- They need everything that can bring them closer to the realization of their dream of refurbished apartment.
- Furniture: beds, couch, desk, table and cupboards.
- Crockery.
- Clothes and shoes (shoe sizes: boys - 41, 35, 37, ladies - 38, 39).
- Sportswear (sizes: L for ladies and M for men).
- Washing machine.
- Things for art school:
  • Rapidograph-o.1 1.0
  • Unbleached Whatman paper in sizes A3 and A2.
  • Planchettes 30×30 – 9 black, 1 white.
  • Acrylic colors (black, white, ultramarine blue, madder carmine, brown mars, light ochre, lemon, light red, emerald).
  • Pencils of different hardness.

For everything regarding help, please contact the charity organization Palīdzēsim.lv or deliver things to the Amigo offices at 6 Duntes Street!

We hope this story appeals to other enterprises in Latvia and more deprived families will have caring guardians.


Many, many thanks to the angels of family grom Misa:

Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (30.11.09.)
Venesa Freivalde - LVL 20,- (14.12.09.)
Larisa with her children has moved to a flat in Iecava, it is cheaper and also has better household conditions. Mum is trying to work different odd jobs. The food and clothes is still a very live issue. In the new flat would serve very well a vacuum cleaner and microwave.

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