Monday, September 7, 2009

Special boarding-school ''Zalite''

PHOTODONATION: Artūrs Romanovskis

By making a photo-stories about different children, came an idea that we could also make something like photo-reports about special schools in Latvia, kindergartens, children's orphanages, so you and we could see, how are children, how do they live, what they do at their so-called ''home''. We start a new thread-The life of children at care-establishments in Latvia.

In one of first warm days of April, together with photographer Arturs Romanovskis we are going to small special boarding-school ''Zalite''. As we are at place, we already meet outside Edgars, Bronislavs, Edgars V. and teachers Inese and Dina, who are all raking last years leafs. Edgars is sawing old, dry branches, while Bronislavs energeticaly is carrying them to fire. Girls, who have squatted around the flower-buds, are taking care of new flower sprouts. Teachers are telling us that right now children are having a life-lesson and that older students from form C are always a great helpers.

The lesson is over and we are going inside the building, so we can get to know the children closer and talk with teachers. Photographer Arturs gets to know the children and at once finds common language with them. In front of him children feel free, although a photographer is something new to them, unusual and interesting. I, myself, get a great cup of coffee and some charming teachers are telling about how are they, how are the children here.

That is why small school ''Zalite'' is called a small, because here learn children with mental isturbances (level A,B and C) from kindergarten till 4th form. Children here are very different, everyone with his own needs, level of development and pain. Together there are 15 children at kindergarten and 23 at school. At big special boarding-school ''Zalite'' kids learn starting from 5th form.

Teacher Dace tells us that in C forms learn from 4 till 6 kids and for every and each of them has been worked out an individual learning program depending on their skills. The same things (letters, numbers) are being teached again and again. Progress is happening very,very slowly, so happiness for the done is double. But the most painful for teachers is, when a child, who has made a big progress gets ''pushed'' back. Teachers need to be patient and understanding. This is a second home for children, they live here from Mondays till Fridays, and many of them don't even want to go home on Fridays, because they have everything here- food, warmth, clothing, happy and gentle teachers and friends.

Teachers want to thank ''Velku'' fund, embassy of UK and also many kind-hearted people.

We can help this school.

It would be useful for children to have:

*clothing, foot-wear (5-18 year olds)

*clothing for celebrations

*furniture (wardrobes, office cupboard, shelfs, upholstered furniture)

*computer, printer, copy-device, fax-device

*stuff to colour, to form

*bicycles, sledge, skis

*balls, sports equipment

*intelectual games, table games

School will be thankful for every support, for organization of some cultural events at school or invitation for kids to some event outside of school. Children would be happy to visit exhibitions, theater, attractions. They would like to get a notion about operation of different enterprises.

By calling to number 90006888 you will donate 1 LVL

Let's help!


A small report:
During this year we have developed a wonderful cooperation with the school, its children and teachers.
* The children of the school have attended a play in the Latvia Puppet theatre. The teachers of the school have been to the play “Kaija” (sea mew) in the theater of Daile (Dailes teātris), the tickets were kindly granted by the theater.
* Our supporter from Sweden Maria has visited the school by bringing the pieces of work from the Swedish girl knitting hobby group. Swedish girls regularly send the presents.
*Last September we helped the children to get prepared for the school. We hope that we will be able to do it also this year.
* In December the students and teacher Lezlie Faber from the International School of Latvia visited the school, they also brought the presents and also showed a nice performance.

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