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PHOTODONATION: Artūrs Romanovskis

Looking at these photographs made by Arturs Romanovskis, I see the most beautiful girl in the world! Loreta looks beautiful, young, natural, kind and open. The photographs, though, fail to show her illness: she has a curved spine – caused by third-degree scoliosis.

Her mom now blames herself for not paying attention to her daughter’s complaints that she had backache, difficulty sitting or doing exercise – she attributed it all to the heavy school bag. Now, when the illness has been diagnosed, it is too late. Now she cannot hide the tears in her yes saying “…I wish I had listened to my child earlier..”

Loreta lives in Daugmale, not far away from Riga, in a house surrounded by old, mighty fir trees. Here it smells of autumn, apples and phlox flowers. As we arrive, the rain is becoming imminent and Loreta’s mom asks us inside. The first thing she does is offer us a cute funny frog – a self-made candlestick. This is her hobby, as well as a way of earning some extra penny, although she says that in countryside you can always have enough supplies with your own work. Loreta and the photographer decide that dahlias would make a nice background for the pictures and go for a photoshoot.

Loreta is 15 years old and her most eager desire is to finish the 9th year at school together with her classmates.

Loreta had a state-funded surgery scheduled for 7 July, but it was cancelled due to lack of funding. Isn’t it awful that a fifteen-year-old girl has to live with a curved and painful back only because our state is unable to help? Hardly surprising, our so-called “free” medicine is not free at all for the children!

Loreta has to pay LVL 3,000 for this surgery.

It is huge money for her parents. There is no time to think why and what for – we should help her.

Vaivari medical centre will proceed with the surgery, followed by rehabilitation, as soon as the money is available.

Loreta really wishes that she could finish the school together with her classmates, not in home-schooling. She loves drawing, making flower arrangements, doing photography, making beads, crocheting and reading books. Unfortunately, she has a lot of difficulty with it because she cannot sit for a long time and, as long as the surgery is not performed, she is not sure about her future, her possible occupation, as she doesn’t know what she will or will not be able to do.

Let’s help Loreta celebrate the prom together with her classmates!

LVL 3,000 is a lot of money… or maybe it isn’t, if we all do it together.....

Let’s help!!!


The amount of money that is still needed: +56 LVL (from LVL 563,- ; 11.01.2010*):

* We will renew the names of the contributors and the donated amounts every evening

*We will give the detailed information about the use of the donated money in a new photo story

Many, many thanks to angels of Loreta:
Music gallery INQB8R - LVL 10,- (15.09.09.)
Aigars Rozentāls - LVL 10,- (30.09.09.)
LINDALEENSHOP.COM - LVL 288,- (02.10.09.)
Anonymous contributor - LVL 50, - (07.10.09.)
Maija Muskare - LVL 5,- (19.10.09.)
Nadežda Ņedospasova - LVL 10,- (21.10.09.)

The Faber family - LVL 246,- (11.01.10.)


We have paid for 6 medical gymnastics activities which thanks to Endija Atava-Čudare, the leader of the fitness center “"Jautrais apelsīns" in Iecava, cost only 30 LVL. We have left 56 LVL which will be used for Loreta's further medical treatment, but we are kindly asking to donate also further because Loreta will need in the future both- gymnastics and orthopedic soles.

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