Monday, September 7, 2009



We met this little girl Ilga at special boarding-elementary school of Rauda. Small, fragile, red-haired, she slept in her bed at dinner time. Teachers are showing her shoes and are telling us that they are already 2 sizes too small, that new ones are needed, but very specific- orthopaedic shoes. It is very hard for girl to walk, because tips of the toes are aching,they are way more beyond toecaps of shoes. We communicate with girls mother Sandra and arrange that they both with Ilga will come to Riga, and we will meet them in bus station, and then all together we will go to orthopaedical center to buy new shoes. At the same time there will be settled documents, so Ilga can receive shoes that would be compansated by country. Together with photographer Ilmars Z. we meet Ilga and her mother in bus station and after that we are going to orthopaedical center to get new shoes and Ilga even has a chance to choose from red or bright colors. Ilga makes her decision and is calling her dad to say that she has chosen ones in ''cream'' color. Ilga finds it hard to walk, because she has learned to do that only about a year ago. It turns out, that Ilga is one of those children who was born before time and her weight after birth was only 900 grams! Her mom told us, that they have fought a long time for girls life, all doctors in Riga and Daugavpils said that there is no hope, but this girl made it. Of course, her development happened slowly, only about 3 years old girl started to crawl and after 3 more years- to walk. But right now state of her health is very stable and since Ilga is learning in Rauda, progress is very good- girl sometimes walks even without help. After visiting an orthopaedical center we decided we could go to ZOO, because Ilga has never been there. How many surprises! Hippopotamus, camels, zebras - just as at movies! And all four giraffes- tall, graceful, Ilga could watch them for hours. Also a big, brown bear is seen only in books and what an adventure at Tropical house!

As we say goodbye, girls mother is saying a big,genuine thank you!For the first time in her life she meets people, who are happy for her childs happiness. No matter how cruel that is, usually people point at Ilga with fingers.

Also a brother of Ilga has problems with walking, because one of his legs is shorter than another. Let's help brother and sister to walk!

Still needed:20 Ls for orthopaedic shoes for brother.

100 Ls for massages and rehabilitation for both kids.

Thanks to the angel of Ilga:

Anita Rodina - for a chance to buy orthopaedic shoes without a row and to spend an unforgettable day at ZOO!

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