Saturday, August 29, 2009

Making bijouterie in Kaļvu family


The magpie of the shop „Žagatu bode” (English: „Magpie’s Shop”) – Līva, photographer Nils Vilnis, and I visited the children’s home of Kaļvu family in order to spend a nice summer afternoon making bijouterie. This fantastic and interesting activity captivated not only the girls of the Kaļvu family – Elza, Jūlija, Dana and Ilze, but also the boys – Artūrs, Alekss and Valentīns. Also the mom of the Kaļvu family, Inese, who was busy all the time, eventually was talked into making bijouterie for herself. Selection of pearls was very careful and with the help of the girls she soon could take pride in her new earrings.
We didn’t arrive with empty hands – we brought a sack with donated clothing, footwear, plates and dishes.
We and Kaļvu family want to thank „Kraukļa fonds” (English: Kraukla foundation) for the sweets and food!

Thanks to „Žagatu bode„ and personally Līva about the possibility for Kaļvu family to learn something new and see joy in the eyes of the children when they were wearing bijouterie made by themselves.


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