Friday, August 28, 2009

Inhabitants of Purvciems’ social house


Ilze and Ineta found us to ask for a help. To ask for a help because there is almost no hope for them to make both ends meet.

While driving to the shopping mall Domina, I never thought that right there next to it there are three Purvciems’ social houses, where people of low income live; people who do not have other means for existence but the small benefits provided by the state. Most of the families live in small one-room flats.

In Ineta’s family there are 4 children, and they all live in peace and friendship in a one-room flat, in which there’s isn’t even a separate space for a kitchen – Kitija (14 years old), Jana (10 years old), Laura (5 years old) and the youngest child little Ralfs (1 year old). The mother Ineta raises children on her own and the only money she has are the benefits amounting to approximately 135 LVL per month. Currently she cannot work because Ralfs is still small, and it is not possible to leave him for an entire day with his sisters.

The oldest girls are rather gladly posing to the photographer Rolfs but the little Laura is not possible to talk into posing for the photo camera if only she is together with the sisters. The girls are very outgoing and nice. They are ready to both work and help the mother around the house. Already for several weeks two of the oldest girls are attending private lessons given by the teacher Zelma who volunteered to help this way. This help, in our opinion, is many times more valuable than donating clothing and toys.

The other family was not that open with us. The oldest boy Matīss who is 16 years old and studies at the Riga music boarding school, was not at home when we visited the place. Liene (6 years old) and Bruno (2 years old) were hiding behind the mother's skirt, and only by offering sweets they were lured to utter some words and give some smiles. This family is also having hard times because both the mother and the father do not have work at the moment. Only Matīss has a bit of a job during the summer, and he is working with joy because in this way he can help his family.

This time we want to ask you to help not only by donating your belongings but also by offering some work – giving at least a small opportunity for this family to earn money for food and other basic things.

The families of Ineta and Ilze would be glad to receive clothing, food, medicine, and diapers for little Ralfs.

If somebody has spare clothing and shoes at home, both families will be glad to receive them:

Kitija (14 years old) size 164.-170, shoes – size 39.

Jana (10 years old) size 134, size 33.

Laura (5 years old) size 116, size 28.

Ralfs (years old) size 98, size 22.

Matīss (16 years old) size 180, size 44.

Liene (6 years old) size 128, size 34.

Bruno (2 years old) size 104, size 24.

Thanks to your donated belongings, and food provided by „Kraukla fonds”, we have helped a lot.

In September when the school will begin the families will have especially hard times. But we can help!

Many thanks to the teacher Zelma for her help with learning English!

We are kindly asking to help Ineta’s family- the perambulator is needed. The existent Ralfs' pram is broken and without it he cannot go out for the daily walk (it is already obtained thanks to the family of Sanita and Mareks) .

Thanks to Larisa for fulfilling Kitija's dream- the becycle.

Tonight (05.10.09.) Ineta's washining machine was stolen from the common use washing room. If you have a washing machine that you do not use for some time already and it only takes space in your garage or attic, please donate it to Ineta’s family (it is obtained already- thanks to the kind help from the family of Sanita and Mareks).

You have the possibility to donate 1 LVL by calling 90006888

Most sincere thanks to the angels of Ineta’s family:

Ilva Utāne - LVL 25,- (05.10.09.)

Maruta Šulca - LVL 30,- (09.10.09.)

Anonymous contributor - LVL 10,- (12.10.09.)

Gerda Šmeļkova - LVL 10,- (15.10.09.) -

Kitija, Laura un Jana for the cinema tickets

Lolita Kronberga - EUR 50,- (LVL 35,20) (20.11.09.)

Thanks to everybody who decided to help and delivered the objects themselves after reading the article about Ineta's family in the newspaper “Mans Mazais”.

Maija - bunk bed

Sintija – clothes for Kitija

Skaubīšu family – jams, apples, clothes

Santija, Mareks - perambulator, diapers, clothes, washing machine

Kristīne – clothes, honey

Elizabete Kārkliņa and her daughter-in-law – vegetables, clothes

Ieva - clothes and toys

Elīna - diapers and tasty things from the countryside

Jana needs very much the additional lessons in mathematics and the girl would be very glad for the computer.

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