Friday, August 28, 2009

Easter in „Ezerkrasti”


Eggs brought by the Easter Bunny, a small theatre production and a local show “Singing with the stars” – such was the Easter morning (April 15) that filled social care centre “Ezerkrasti” with so much joy, surprises, songs and dances. The “real” Easter had already passed yet the kids were genuinely enjoying the performances and treats.

The kids too, together with their teachers, had rehearsed a story about a lazy Easter Bunny, who overslept the Easter morning. The local show “Singing with the stars” which saw kids participating with their teachers received particularly warm response and undivided attention. Kids sang their favourite songs, were dressed up, duets had their outfits match, and they even received opinion from the judges. As in every contest with equally great performances all participants were awarded diplomas in different nominations. I think the work personnel puts into arranging such events is priceless. A big thank you to all of them!

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