Friday, August 28, 2009

Bird days in „Ezerkrasti”


On April 1 a very interesting event – Bird days – took place at “Ezerkrasti” Children’s department. So I invited my colleague Renāte, my little daughter and photographer Jānis Mednis to come along to the event. Frankly, I spent the first ten minutes clutching the hands of my daughter and holding back tears caused by the eternal question – why do these kids have to suffer so much? But then I got used to the situation and understood how much both the kids and staff benefit from such events. Teacher of every class and kids had prepared a story about some bird. There were sparrows, owls, magpies and even penguins. The care centre teachers, especially the principal Solvita Rudoviča and the head of Children's department Ginta Moiseja, deserve the biggest thank you for imagination and ability to transform an ordinary day into a real celebration.

Each kid had a specially made outfit and everyone took part in their respective sketch to the best of their ability. Kids performed, sang and danced with so much joy! And above all there were smiles, smiles, smiles!

The little performance was followed by treat of fruit and mini discotheque. Kids were so happy to dance! We too couldn’t resist any more and joined them. Sasha sang his favourite song “Dzeltenās madaras” three times. In fact, this is the song he plans on singing at the charity festival “Nāc līdzās”. The kids surprised us with a hand-made gift that brought us so much joy.

Following the party everyone went to have lunch while we had an opportunity to talk to the Head of Children's department Ginta Moiseja over a cup of coffee. She told us this child care centre exists for 14 years, and currently hosts 65 kids with different development disorders. Many kids live here from a very early age and stay till they come of age. Some kids head home for the weekends yet for most of them home is at “Ezerkrasti” hence the staff does their best to create a feeling of home there and motivate kids’ development. Children participate in different exhibitions and competitions. Recently, Sandra and Sasha took part in the visual and applied arts exhibition “Ar vilciņu Rīgā braucu” and brought back diplomas.

We discussed things that kids need the most. There is a more or less satisfactory supply of things they need daily, but such events, concerts and exhibitions are of great help in their development.

There are many different plans on how to make the little hearts happy: we are in negotiations with Zane and Gunārs, performers of Sasha’s favourite song, to organize a small concert. Also the performance “Lācītis ķepainītis” by societal health work group will be very useful for these kids. After the festive season, we will join girls from “Žagatas bode” and go to “Ezerkrasti” to make different trinkets.

If you are a creative soul and feel you can help, join us, and together we will find a way to make these kids happy.

This request is addressed more to the musicians – the singing kids need at least one more microphone, as well as music CDs, phonograms, karaoke CDs.

Also things like underwear, pantyhose and footwear are very necessary. They wear out very fast and often there is a shortage of these things at the care centre. The sizes required: 31 – 45 for shoes and school children sizes for clothes.

Colouring books are in great demand too.

Kids love fruit and different yoghourts. If you are on your way to Riga and have an opportunity stop at Berģi and bring some fruit and yoghurt, the kids will be very grateful.

- microphone

- music CDs, phonograms, karaoke CDs

- footwear (shoe sizes 31 - 45)

- underwear, pantyhose (the sizes suitable for school children)

- fruit

- yoghourt

- colouring books

You have the possibility to donate 1 LVL by calling 90006888

Many thanks to the angels of Ezerkrasti:

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