Friday, July 10, 2009

Small Linda


It was very difficult for Linda’s mum to ask for a help. She is just not used to request for assistance because it is so difficult to do it. But now we are her last hope.
When we with the photographer Gvido Kajons are about to leave Bauska, saying goodbye to the responsive social worker Ineta Niedra, Linda’s mum is coming to us and is ready to tell us her hard-luck story. We decide to go to the kindergarten to pick up Linda and then go home- to talk. Linda is 4 years old, very slim, with 2 blonde pigtails, her big eyes are timidly looking at me, but she is not answering to my questions. Linda is hearing-impaired (5th level). When Linda was 2 months old, her mum understood that something is not ok; the girl did not react even on loud noises. In the age of 3 years Linda had an operation during which was put a cochlear implant in Linda’s head. The girl can hear now and is very happy about it, even in the evenings she does not allow her mum to take off the hearing aid. Due to the hearing impairment, her speech development is delayed. Other children in this age are telling their parents their own created fairytales; Linda is pronouncing only a few words. Linda is attending a kindergarten, mum is working with her and her speech is developing little by little.
The most painful problem is that the batteries (1 pack) for the hearing implant are quite expensive- 3.40 LVL, they must be changed every 3 days, so for 1 week are needed 2 packs of batteries, the cost of which is 6,80 LVL. Due to the general economic crisis, the monthly salary of Linda’s mum is reduced to 88 LVL. From this amount of money must be supported also Linda’s 9 years old brother. Linda’s mums in the only breadwinner in the family, the family does not have the dad.
There are days which are completely silent for Linda because mum does not have money for the batteries. It seems a really awful situation- can any of us imagine ourselves being able to hear what happens around us for 2 days and then for 2 days- not to hear anything...
The documents for the repeated physical incapacity allocation are being arranged, the state support she will get only in the end of May. Let us help Linda to hear the world every day!
The money is very needed for the batteries of the implants: 3,40 Ls x 2 (week) = 6,80 x 4 = 25,60 Ls x 2 months = 51,20 Ls

Linda would also be glad to receive:

* clothes ( 4-5 years old girl)
* footwear
* books
* materials for modeling (plasticine, for example)
* pencils, paints, books to be coloured etc.
* lego
* any toys that would make the small fingers work in this way developing the speech

You have the possibility to donate 1 LVL by calling 90006888

Many, many thanks to the angels of Linda:

RAL- the batteries
Kraukļa fonds- food, sweets
Inga Verbicka (27.04.09.) - LVL 8,-
Music publishing house INQB8R (08.05.09.) - LVL 10,-
Ilona Erliha (11.05.09.) - LVL 6,80
Agita Melnalksne (11.05.09.) - LVL 10,-
Kristīne Zavele (12.05.09.) - LVL 10,-
Anonymous contributor (18.05.09.) - LVL 10,-
Līga Daņilova (18.05.09.) - LVL 6,80
Egina Birzgale (19.05.09.) - LVL 20,-
Ieva- for clothes, books, footwear
Music publishing house INQB8R (11.06.09.) - LVL 10,-
Rūta Riekstiņa (30.07.09) - LVL 10,-
Linda Buķele (21.12.09.) - LVL 5,-
Anonymous contributor (10.12.10.) - LVL 15,-
Arta Bārzdiņa - LVL 25,- (20.12.10.) - for the batteries of the implants
Anonymous contributor - LVL 15,- (03.01.11.)
Ilona Baženova - LVL 100,- (02.03.11.)
SIA MAXVEL - LVL 50,- (04.03.11.)

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