Monday, July 27, 2009

The Family From Bauska


Not long before Easter, we visited some families in Bauska.
This time, my assistant is one of Latvia’s best photographers – Gvido Kajons. Ineta Niedra from the Bauska Community Service takes us to the house for low-income families provided by the authorities of the city of Bauska. The apartment house is in a good condition, well-repaired and equipped with all necessary comfort features. Ineta told me earlier on that this family is going through some hard times at the moment – the mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which means that there are days when she is unable to walk or speak. Nevertheless, the children, who are in their teens, are a great support for their mum, helping her with the home chores and looking after her during the fits.
As we move up the stairs, the first one to meet us Chappy – a little, brown dog who greets us with a ringing bark. The children are surprised by the visit and a little bit shy, so the doggy takes centre stage during the entire visit.
The apartment is very cosily arranged – the mum tells that it has been like a gift from God because previously they all had to live in a single room, even without electricity. Gatis (18) and Sindija (11) come to have a chat with us, while Džeina (15) stays in the living room; she wants both to hear what’s going on on the TV and talk to us as well. The children are very pleasant young people and a great support for their mum. Not only they are diligent students at school, they also are looking for some summer jobs for themselves. The situation is extremely hard now, though: their mother cannot work because of the illness, the father has lost his job as well. After paying for the utilities, a mere 20 LVL is left from the total 150 LVL of benefits they receive each month. Four people have to survive on 20 Lats for a whole month!!!!
Can you imagine that?!
When asked about the primary necessities, the mother says “we need some food”................
Right now, it is Easter Holiday and all kids are at home from school. When they go to school, it is easier – Gatis is attending a boarding school where he stays for the week and where everything is paid for by the government, and the girls are entitled to a free dinner at school. They say that it is unlikely that the Easter Bunny will pay them a visit this year ­– there is not a single egg to be painted.
I asked if some clothing might come in useful – and the mother replied that the clothes the children are currently wearing is all they have...
This made me realise I shouldn’t wait until the photo story is posted. On the day before Easter, I visited them again. This time, thanks to the support of Balticovo, I brought something with me – eggs, which then were painted in all possible colours. I also brought some food, clothing and footwear for the girls and for Gatis.
If you also have any unwanted or long-forgotten clothing in your cupboards, footwear, books, items for school, these kind young people will be grateful for that.

Let’s help them!

Let’s help with:
  • food !!!!!!
  • clothing, footwear
  • books
  • items for school
  • washing machine (the mother is washing all the family’s laundry with hands)
  • crockery, cutlery, etc.
  • bed clothes
  • a new computer monitor (Gatis took the 3rd place in the regional computing competition for students and he would be very happy for a new monitor and internet connection)
  • wardrobe
  • Gatis – shoe size 44-45
  • Sindija – shoe size 36-36; clothes 146 – 164 (height)
  • Džeina – shoe size 36; clothes 32/34

You have the possibility to donate 1 LVL by calling 90006888

The most sincere thanks to the angels of the family from Bauska:


Līga Daņilova (18.05.09.) - LVL 10,-

Antra Strautiņa (09.06.09.) - LVL 20,-

Rūta Riekstiņa (30.07.09.) - LVL 10,-

The employees of Siemens

"Kraukļa fonds" for the sweets

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